Maximizing a window on a MacBook

I have recently switched to a MacBook Pro as my daily driver. One of the first things I noticed was that there was no maximise button on application windows, only a fullscreen option that hides the top status-bar. A quick google search told me that double clicking the title-bar or holing down ALT while clicking in the Green Icon would maximise the window instead of making it go fullscreen. Which is great! only it isn’t :(
What that actually does is make the window wide enough for it’s content, but that does not usually mean full screen width.

I eventually discovered that holding down SHIFT + ALT while clicking on the Green Icon does make the window fill the screen width and height.

ALT + SHIFT + Green Icon = Maximise (as you’d expect if on Windows/Linux).

Now I’ve got that sorted, I’m starting to wonder if the fullscreen option is a better way of working anyway…

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