Emulators written in JavaScript

Written on April 18, 2015 by Kev

A list of machine emulators completely written in JavaScript that I find to be both impressive and interesting. Writing an emulator in any language is difficult and requires some serious programming chops. But to do it in JavaScript must surely require a level of programming genius (or maybe madness - I hear it’s a fine line!) that us mere mortals can only dream of aspiring to.

These are my favourites that I’ve stumbled across, catalogued here so I can easily find them again whenever I feel the need for a retro computing fix…

These all need a modern (aka html5) browser with a fairly modern PC.


  • JSSpeccy - ZX Spectrum
  • qaop/js - ZX Spectrum fullscreen. Click on sides of window for menu
  • JtyOne - ZX81 Emulator, with games! 3D Monster Maze anyone?



  • PCE.js - Apple Mac System 7
  • A2 - Apple 2 with games


  • jsBeeb - BBC Model B / Master


PC Linux


  • js-dos - MS Dos in JavaScript. Includes a working copy of DOOM!


  • jsnes - Online NES emulator, includes some classic games