a sort of stripped down push the blocks and collect the keys game...

I wrote Bloxed in May 2015 as a learning exercise to help me get to grips with JavaScript and Pixi.js. I also wanted to see if WebGL would be better than plain old canvas for 2D games. It certainly helps scale the graphics better and seems to be faster at drawing to the canvas too.

To run Bloxed you'll need a fairly modern browser - one that supports HTML5 and WebGL. It'll need to be a Desktop browser as you need a keyboard to control the game character. I've tested the game with Chrome and Firefox, but it should work with Safari too and probably IE11. I haven't included any browser compatibility checks so click the link below to play and it will either work or it wont!

Click to play Bloxed

LeftZ or Left Cursor
RightZ or X or Right Cursor
UpP or Up cursor
DownL or Down Cursor
Re-start LevelR or Escape

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